During the Special Election on April 13th, you will ELECT the 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park. The only Purple Heart Awarded city in Hennepin County. What better person to represent our PH city than to elect a Veteran to serve and represent the city?  Listed below is my building blocks incorporated into my Giraffe Size Vision as Pioneer's for creating such an Ambitious Blueprint for Success. Just Imaging, Engaging, Inviting, Welcoming, Respecting, Recognizing and Embracing Our Untapped Potentials and Possibilities in our unique mosaic community of color.

During these most challenging times, situations, and circumstances that we collectively faced as a unique mosaic community of color city. The Central District residents of Brooklyn Park, chose me, to readily address and represent their diverse voices, perspectives, concerns, and our city issues during these most challenging and uncertain times. 

I was proudly elected during and in the midst of these notable partisan divide this past 2020 election cycle. An election year that was unmatched and unlike none other in American History. An election year that has consumed and dominated the media and news headlines. Along with our households kitchen table and neighborhood conversations. It has equally handicapped and stifled our democracy, challenged patriotism, and created neighborhood division. It gave heighten awareness and a voice to white supremacy, white nationalism, and revealed extremist hateful attacks on our nations capital.


In addition 2020, sparked peaceful Black Live Matters movements and peaceful protest that emerged globally all across the world. As a direct result of the world witnessing the life of George Floyd, (a black-man) being abruptly taking away and executed to death being played out in real-time via social media and right before the eyes of the world. Just like it was something scripted in a scene taken from a thrilling movie.

This was some very disturbing, alarming, and heartbreaking footage to say the least. Unbelievable footage capturing a (white) uniformed officer's, (Chuvon) knee being forcefully applied to Mr. Floyd's neck. As Mr. Floyd, laid there helplessly, restrained, and face down on the street pavement. And as best he could. He began, to yell out these very memorable, chilling, changing the world words - "I Can't Breathe." And, the world tearfully watched with a heavy heart. We heard this grown man, calling out and crying out to his mother for her help with his last breathe. While other sworn to serve and protect officers looked on and participated without intervention.  

During these most challenging of times and efforts launched by Democrats and Republicans that further divided our country and perpetuated an attack our democracy. COVID-19, was rapidly emerging and in record numbers claiming the lives of many innocent Americans (500,000+) and many lives globally, without immediate cures, direction, or answers.

It is and was during and throughout these most uncertain and most challenging times. The residents spoke loud and clear with their votes and elected me, "The People's Choice" as City Councilman to help unite and develop a pathway forward together as one united mosaic community of color. The community sought a tried, tested, and proven - bold, brave, courageous leader.  A leader  that was trained and prepared for moments of civil unrest, controversy and challenges and ready to lead and guide us during these uncertain pandemic times.

In January, I, took the oath to serve the residents in the Central District on City Council. On a devoted, dedicated, and determined journey to serve the people that I started campaigning back in 2005 for city council and during a special election for Mayor, after the untimely death of Mayor Steve Lampe, made his homegoing transition. May his soul forever and always continue to rest in peace. 

Brooklyn Park, believe it or not.  I am the First and Only, African American, in over 150 plus years of history in Brooklyn Park, to be elected to serve in any elected capacity. And, over the many years of our lives. We've come to learn, know, and realize, that being the first of anything or ever to be elected to serve in any elected capacity, being the first in any undertaking. It arrives with high visibility and expectations. It also, comes with equal scrutiny. And it comes along with seeking proven, demonstrated abilities and measurable results and outcomes.


I am boldly, bravely, and proudly still standing and ready to meet all leadership expectations and produce deliverable and measured results. I am still standing for you, the people. Still making deserving strides and producing measurable outcomes for the people. While now, looking to make an even greater impact across the city at-large. 

It is and has been truly a distinct honor and an embraced privilege to serve the Central District since being elected. However, I have proudly come to let you know, that I have entered my name once again, back into the race. But this time for MAYOR. I've entered my name in the upcoming Special Election (Primary) on April 13th to become the 13th MAYOR of the only Hennepin County - Purple Heart Awarded City. The City of Brooklyn Park to fulfill an assignment purposed for my life to serve the people. 


Becoming the 13th MAYOR, will better enable me to further expand my reach, goals, and serve and represent the entire city with my ambitious GIRAFFE SIZE VISION. An ambitious vision for my undeniable and unmatched willingness for wanting to serve and represent you, the people. People, that don't have to look like me, be where I am from, speak my language, or share my same thoughts, views, or perspectives fairly and equally, reflective of our underrepresented, undervalued, unrecognized and unacknowledged mosaic community of color.

As 13th MAYOR - I will become, the most visible face, most careful listener, and most credible voice for our city and mosaic community of color. And to honorably serve the entire ethnically diverse city with humanity, humility, understanding, compassion, passion, respect, and equity. Especially, during and throughout these racially charged, social injustice, global pandemic, civil unrest, disparities, and hateful times. Times when we need true leadership the most. Not partisan divide. A leader during and throughout these uncertain and challenging times before us, we deserve and need to have unified and collective experiences.

However, it's during and throughout these economic, pandemic, social distancing, mask wearing and in/out school debates. In addition to recognizing and identifying police and racial unbalance, civil and social unrest, disparities, and challenging times. We the people, need a Tried, Tested, and ProvenBold, Brave, and Courageous Leader. A leader of and for the people. Ready to emerge and take center stage and become the most visible face; most careful listener; most credible diverse voice; and a direct gateway to our State and Federal Legislators, for our first-in-line resources to help stabilize our taxes, enhance our future growth, and economic survivability and sustainability for our diverse generations and generations into the future to come. A leader reflective of and standing for our recognized, embraced, realized, valued, respected, and acknowledged uniquely diverse community of color.

In my first 30 days as City Council, I have recognized that our City Oath doesn't include language that our elected officials are required to recite to serve you, the people. You, the very people, that put us there to serve you, the people, and your families and our ethnically diverse city. I have already drafted and prepared a revision of the oath to be submitted. One that specifically includes serving and beholding to you the people. A revision to be submitted to the Charter Commission for possible adoption. A revision that going forward will clearly include and require all newly elected officials to take the revised oath with clear language beholding to the people. A revision that will equally require currently serving elected officials to retake to recognize serving you, the people, as our shared and recognized priority.

I have also, made another first-time bold actions. I have bi-weekly set aside one day per week until the demand increase, to directly share with me at City Hall, your concerns, and for me to personally meet and greet residents to listen and hear your issues and concerns and offer my perspective to the same.

I have drafted a Police Transforming and Reform (SPR) Safe, Protected, and Respected Blueprint Initiative. Highlighting my proposed language and actions for Transforming and Reforming the same and that gets back to positive police and community engagement. And remove tactics that has proven to lead to the death of anyone.

I have proactively developed an (ERR) Emergency Resident Responders Initiative endorsed and supported by the many diverse Nurses Associations in Minnesota. Nurses who will be readily accessible to lend a helping medical hand in our time of any unforeseen or unfortunate catastrophe or out of control emergency disaster here in Brooklyn Park. Where do we go, as Brooklyn Parkers, when we are in need? Why can't/don't have the means to take care of our own? I am with the concern and into caring for our own. We are without a Trauma 1 Center here in BP to render medical attention to our residents, or emergency responders in times of need.

I have multiple youth initiatives to promote diversity and family values in Brooklyn Park. Two Initiatives, I've partnered with Pizza Hut and Jets Pizza to reward "FREE PIZZAS" monthly to the students and their families. For participating, and meaningfully sharing, recognizing, and lending their heartfelt perspectives in those chosen reports submitted, that values our rich diversity and families here in Brooklyn Park. Then, selected to represent us and present before council at council meeting. That will and ongoingly demonstrate our acceptance and maturation in Brooklyn Park a community of color.

I have created and promoting a youth Initiative to get them involved in something positive and structured during out-of-school time and after school- time hours to help our seniors and homeowners alike, around the home with landscaping and minimum home chores. It's called Mower City Youth Initiative. Residents in need of unattended to maintenance will have an opportunity to utilize these youth enrolled in our initiative and its welcomed benefit. I'm proud to admit that some caring residents have already offered to purchase new lawnmower equipment and equally donate their unused equipment to get them started and involved in giving back to the community by equally doing something positive and structured while helping out others in need.

I have also developed another initiative called Paving it Black. This is an initiative to help re beautify our neighborhoods by helping homeowners with damaged, unsightly, and unaffordable asphalt driveways, now, be able to afford to pave their driveway back black by negotiating repair cost based on a number of homeowners sign up and extend competitor bids at a reduced rate based on the number of homeowners sign up.

I have an initiative to increase safety and reduce crime in Brooklyn Park. By adding (2) two years above state mandated jail time. An additional two years imposed upon anyone found guilty of illegally caring a firearm in Brooklyn Park. And another amended (3) three years imposed for even greater extended jail time to anyone found guilty of illegally discharging a firearm and injuring anyone in Brooklyn Park not found to be in self-defense in a court of law.


I am Council Liaison to the Human Rights Commission. And, I was selected to be the Council Liaison on the HRC Subcommittee for Racial Justice and Police Reform. A subcommittee assigned to help establish and determine measurable outcomes, good or bad, that we practice here in Brooklyn Park.

As a nearly 20 year resident of Brooklyn Park, the city where my wife and First Lady (Kathy) of 35 years and I, have chosen to live and raise our family (3), all with families, attending college or graduated college with high honors and now self-employed. All graduating from Anoka-Hennepin District 279 Public School system. We have (3) loving grandchildren. And, we're gifted and blessed, once again, to have two (2) more grandchildren on the way to love, spoil, hold, have, and cherish for the rest of our lives arriving in May and August 2021. We also have an adopted Liberian daughter, we're blessed, happy, and proud to be sponsoring her in Liberia, on the honor roll, and entering her sophomore year next month at AME University.

We also chose to live here in the city of Brooklyn Park, where we can get involved, and pro-actively, become a part of the fabric being woven within our undeniably ethnically diverse and culturally rich community of color for years to come -- volunteering, serving and doing our share in the largest expanded demographically-mixed community in the region in the past 30 years.


As the 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park, I have a Giraffe size ambitious vision. A vision that sees, understands, recognizes, and realizes our true potentials and possibilities. And it includes you, our Seniors and Retirees on Fixed incomes, whose income isn't changing; Our Middle class, who are also feeling the pinch; and our community of color, caught up in the crevices of life, still struggling to survive and simply looking for a way out of their unfortunate and unplanned situations and circumstances. Situations and circumstances that Democrats and Republicans, alike, have ongoingly and continuously failed them and failed and failing us all. Failing us, by and with their silent voices and absent faces in the necessary and relevant conversations that we need to have. But are not having. Again, that we need to have. To help navigate us all a pathway forward together.

Residing and volunteering in Brooklyn Park, over the many years, we have seen some unmatched, unresolved, and ignored challenges. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a snail's pace evolution in efforts and actions committed to resolving those challenges. We have also, witnessed inadequate growth and development in our economy for welcoming small businesses. Brooklyn Park is the sixth-largest city in Minnesota and the fourth in the metro and with some of the city's baby steps and slow-moving changes, we haven’t kept pace with changing dynamics of our diverse community of color by welcoming and inviting businesses to make their home here while reaching out to our diverse community to be at the table for their valued and respected input. As our city evolves, so should our ideas, critical thinking, choices, decisions, and actions.

Being elected the 13th MAYOR, I truly believe a thriving community inspiring pride where opportunities exist for all is imminent - by proactively working wiith staff and realizing and understanding our living and true realities. And, when "we the people" simply believe, come together, authentically recognizes, then, genuinely and together, work on our potential and possibilities to erect a solid bridge built on commonsense. An unbias bridge of inclusion, welcoming, inviting, and attractive to all. A bridge that welcomes all to travel freely regardless of race, ethnicity, prejudice, and education, homeownership. A bridge that opens windows and doors that lead to equal opportunities and equal access in the city of Brooklyn Park. But, we first have to begin to honestly, genuinely, and willingly include, welcome, and embrace the many faces of Brooklyn Park, that choose to live, learn, work, play, pay taxes, worship, raise their family, and/or do business.

Being elected the 13h MAYOR, I, however, remain deeply troubled and equally concerned about the baby step approach in how we overall embrace, respect, value, acknowledge, and represent our unique and ethnically diverse community of color. Unfortunately, and simply, because of a person's skin color or socioeconomic status. We are One! We the people, you and me, my family, your family as the many faces of Brooklyn Park provide unique added value to our city.

As "THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE" I am ready, trained, and prepared to emerge and become the 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park. I believe it's TIME, we rise above fear and outdated and primitive ways of thinking. And, begin to shape our community together. And massage our seasoned businesses and create and build new alliances and build partnerships that advance our shared values and unite us. Shaping and creating a community of color, truly reflective of our established diverse values. We’re a unique multi-culturally riched community of color with an opportunity to thrive, instilling pride for all. We just need to renew, revisit, review, rejuvenate, repurpose our collective efforts to work together in concert to be all that we can be. United as One.

Being elected 13th MAYOR has its advantages. It will clearly demonstrate our diversity growth, acceptance, and maturation as an evolving and recognized city and community of color. This is a unique opportunity in Brooklyn Park’s history when we can unite and take a firm stand with a Bold, Brave, & Courageous - Tried, Tested, and Proven Leader, who has a clear ambitious Giraffe Size vision. And, who’s already and regularity proved to stand with, by, and for the people. Trained and prepared in the world's greatest Navy for moments of civil unrest, controversy, and challenges. Regardless of how sensitive, delicate or uncomfortable they make others feel. We need to have those conversations. We also, know, this is when the bold, brave, and courageous step's up and defend our citizens and our country. And, as an Honorably Discharged and Disabled Veteran. I am stepping up once again, to represent, respect, value, honor, serve and defend you, your family, and this diverse city and community of color.

We the people... people that don't have to look like me, be where, I a from, speak my language, or share my same thoughts.


We the people, collectively, have a unique opportunity to visually demonstrate to the state and world, our accepted growth, shared value, respect, and maturation that “We Are One Brooklyn Park United Together.” And, we are pioneers in leading by example, and increasing our inclusion in jobs, access, equity, racial justice/injustice, police reform, transforming and engagement, and equal opportunities. While educating others with our personal pledge of commitment to creating a recognized pioneer's proactive blueprint for other municipalities to duplicate.




Brooklyn Park depending on where you live determines what Voting Precinct you will be assigned to VOTE!

The Voting Process allows you to get involved, participate, and exercise your patriotic right to VOTE!


• By Voting, you are getting involved in the process, allowing your voice to be heard with your VOTE! In helping to shape the future leaders and decision-makers that will readily affect and impact your community daily.

• Parents if your child turns 18, even on Election Day, they’re still eligible to VOTE with proper ID.


• If you’re going to be traveling and/or you are unable to make it to the polls, you can request an Absentee Voting Ballot from The Secretary of State's Office (651) 296- 2803 or the city of Brooklyn Park, City Clerk Devin Montero's Office at (763) 424-8000. Being an American Citizen you are ENTITLED to VOTE and are afforded the same freedoms and liberties, that everyone under the constitution of the United States guarantees for all people. 

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