Support City Councilman-Boyd Morson, as the 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park!

Make your donation count! Tired of Democrats and Republicans selfishly looking out for themselves or promoting a party's hidden agendas or vision? While we, the lost and forgotten generations and generations of the ordinary people are still caught in the crevices of life and still struggling to survive. Like our seniors and retirees on fixed incomes who's income isn't changing yet, their continuously being nickeled and dimed with increasing taxes and funding failing projects. While our middle class are equally feeling the pinch.


You can donate to help support, THE PEOPLE"S CHOICE- BOYD MORSON - 13th MAYOR, A Tried, Tested, and Proven - Bold, Brave, and Courageous Leader’s, Giraffe Size vision. A Girafee Size Vision that encompasses and provides common-sense solutions to outdated and unresolved common issues.


As 13th MAYOR, serving you, the people, seniors, middle class, youth, businesses, churches, and our ethnically diverse community. It would truly be a distinct honor and a welcome privilege for me. Standing together and united with you and for the many mosaic faces of Brooklyn Park that makes our community unique. This equally, will be a deserving honor for my family to represent you, as Brooklyn Park's First Family.

I believe it’s "TIME." Time that we don't just elect anyone, including a Democrat and/or Republican to occupy this temporary vacant Mayors seat. But we all genuinely look to elect someone for the People. "The People's Choice," someone trained and prepared for moments of civil unrest and controversy., during these challenging and uncertain times. We the people, need to elect, support, and welcome someone, that's been TRIED, TESTED, and PROVEN - BOLD, BRAVE, and COURAGEOUS and ready to emerge and take center stage and carry the weight of our diverse issues upon his shoulders. Issues not just unique to Brooklyn Park. Someone, who simply get's it. Understand it. Realize it, and in the midst of it, willing to Just do it. Become the most visible face, the most careful listener, most credible voice, and a direct gateway to our legislators for our first-in-line resources ensuring our economic growth, enterprise, racial justice, police transforming and reforming, community engagement, safety and welfare, along with our development for a more economically viable and sustainable future. A future inclusive for our diverse generations and generations to come.


A MAYOR elected during a time when we need to together seek ways to finally and delicately begin turning the pages of our past history. And preserve those heartfelt memories and chapters unique to our past. And then, together, begin writing new chapters that tell our new stories. Stories about how Boyd Morson - "The People’s Choice” and 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park, has a "Giraffe Size Vision & Plan," for the people. The you, me, we, us, our families, friends and their families, businesses, churches and community of color. A plan that finally shares and tells our new stories about how we together brought our most seasoned residents and families and proactively connected our new residents and families, businesses, youth, and staff, and genuinely and willingly came together. And devoted, dedicated, and committed ourselves, despite political or racial barriers and differences to diligently worked together and developed a working blueprint for uniting our community of color.

Still telling new stories that demonstrated how generations and generations alike can and will appreciate designing together. A blueprint for other municipalities to use as a working model for years to come. Stories that tells how electing BOYD MORSON, THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE - 13th MAYOR of Brooklyn Park, invited, included, welcomed, respected, and embraced the many faces of Brooklyn Park as we proactively came together. And by doing so, we got it right, made it right, and did it right. And we did it God's way. Because it was the rght thing to do. And we the people, and community of color did it right, together. It’s again, TIME, we can be caught on the right side of history.


Please Donate; make your funds count for the People's Choice.



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