I Have A Giraffes Size Vision For A Better Brooklyn Park!

Why A Giraffe Size Vision? A Giraffe is the only animal blessed to have a 25 lb heart. A big heart to pump the required blood up through their long necks. This is the only animal grazing from the top of the trees. A height where they see things from a different perspective than that of any other animal. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for all to co-exist. But, I’ve simply been blessed like the Giraffe with a big heart and a vision to see our true potentials and possibilities from a different height. I Have A Giraffe Size Vision, which even includes the turtle size perspective. And that unquestionably and undoubtedly includes; you the residents; you the seniors; you the retirees; you the youth; you the staff; you the churches; you the businesses and you the multi-cultural community.

I Have A Giraffes Size Vision, that painfully involves turning the final page concluding a very memorable chapter in our city’s history, of the way we were. And together, we begin writing and telling new stories about our city’s

growth, maturation, and evolution. And how new families and seasoned families, worked and came together, to reclaim, restore, rebuild, reinvest and rebuild, a more vibrant community truly reflective of who we are. And how together, we uniquely crafted a blueprint for other municipalities to follow. A blueprint built with a simple and solid foundation of inclusion, mutual respect, and the understanding that...

We Are One United Together!

Safer Streets & Policing

Together build safer neighborhoods, by strengthening those proven worthwhile efforts, to encourage the basic
fundamentals of police and community engagement.

Our greatest public safety asset is trust between community and police.


And Brooklyn Park needs smart, comprehensive reform to rebuild that very missing trust. We need to hire police officers that are reflective of the largest expanded demographically mixed community in the region, in the past 30 years.


Welcoming and inviting to all, to have a stake in my giraffe size vision for our rich culture and ethnically diverse city neighborhoods, and to protect and serve us all equally and fairly. And as an ongoing effort to promote a healthy community and police officer engagement.


I will require and ensure that our Brooklyn Park finest officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and proactively connected to social workers, mental health providers, and crisis prevention counselors so they can help people in crisis get the deserving help they may need. Hold officers accountable for conduct that doesn’t meet our shared standards and established values.


School System

Ensure all kids thrive as Brooklyn Park grows for generations and generations to come.

Ensure that every Brooklyn Park child has an equal right to earn a high-quality education – and ensure that our
school board education system is not falling short of delivering on this promise. That will become a sustainable
trend and basic standard for all of us.

Focus on early childhood investments to extend every student a unique start in getting involved in their community to instill pride within the very community in which they live.

Invest in comprehensive support systems – including essential health services and affordable housing, for
Brooklyn Park children and families.

Business & Partnerships

Invest in a city that delivers on and keeps its promise to and for the people. As our communities become more diverse, it is important that we do all we can to promote and support inclusiveness, fairness, and opportunities.


By massaging seasoned and established businesses and partnerships. And by welcoming, inviting, and forging new partnerships with colleges, workforce training programs, and trade unions.


Making it easier to and for Brooklyn Park residents and other businesses to open, run, and operate a business here in Brooklyn Park. And invest in the communities, small businesses, and infrastructure that makes our city thrive, vibrant, aesthetically appealing, and economically viable and strong for the future.


Uplift economic and multi-cultural centers and programs across our city – that provides after-school and out-of-school time programs, resources, and opportunities to and for our various diverse community. Programs that provide supervised, structured programs between the hours when a crime is the nation's highest, among youth – Support new growth along the Blue Line that provides opportunities for current neighbors, new residents, and visitors alike.


Incorporate and support ethnically diverse festivals, programs, restaurants, and visions that strives to promote community cohesion by bringing diverse communities together during these events. And that provides fun-filled entertainment that all families can appreciate.